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    • FAM20B-catalyzed glycosaminoglycans control murine tooth number by restricting FGFR2b signaling 

      Wu, Jingyi; Tian, Ye; Han, Lu; Liu, Chao; Sun, Tianyu; Li, Ling; Yu, Yanlei; Lamichhane, Bikash; D'Souza, Rena N.; Millar, Sarah E.; Krumlauf, Robb; Ornitz, David M.; Feng, Jian Q.; Klein, Ophir; Zhao, Hu; Zhang, Fuming; Linhardt, Robert J.; Wang, Xiaofang (Springer Nature, 2020-07-14)
      Background: The formation of supernumerary teeth is an excellent model for studying the molecular mechanisms that control stem/progenitor cell homeostasis needed to generate a renewable source of replacement cells and ...