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    • Machine Learning in Predicting Multi-Component Mineral Compositions in Gale Crater, Mars 

      Morrison, S.M.; Pan, Feifei; Prabhu, Anirudh; Eleish, Ahmed; Fox, Peter; Gagne, O.; Downs, R. T.; Bristow, T. F.; Rampe, E. B.; Blake, D. F.; Vaniman, D. T.; Achilles, C. N.; Ming, D. W.; Yen, A. S.; Treiman, A. H.; Morris, R. V.; Chipera, S. J.; Craig, P. I.; Tu, V. M.; Hazen, Robert (Goldschmidt, 2019)
      To better understand the formational conditions and geologic history of the minerals found in by NASA MSL rover Curiosity in Gale crater, Mars the CheMin X-ray diffractometer team developed a crystal-chemical method to ...