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    • Enzymatic generation of highly anticoagulant bovine intestinal heparin 

      Fu, Li; Li, Kevin; Mori, Daisuke; Hirakane, Makoto; Lin, Lei; Grover, Navdeep; Datta, Payel; Yu, Yanlei; Zhao, Jing; Zhang, Fuming; Yalcin, Murat; Mousa, Shaker A.; Dordick, Jonathan S.; Linhardt, Robert J. (2017-10-26)
      Unlike USP porcine heparin, bovine intestinal heparin (BIH) has a low anticoagulant activity. Treatment with 6-OST-1, -3, and/or 3-OST-1 afforded two remodeled heparins that met USP heparin activity and Mw specifications. ...
    • Gold and silver nanoparticles conjugated with heparin-derivative possess anti-angiogenesis properties 

      Kemp, Melissa M.; Kumar, Ashavani; Mousa, Shaymaa; Dyskin, Evgeny; Yalcin, Murat; Ajayan, Pulickel; Linhardt, Robert J.; Mousa, Shaker A. (2009-11-09)
      Silver and gold nanoparticles display unique physical and biological properties that have been extensively studied for biological and medical applications. Typically, gold and silver nanoparticles are prepared by chemical ...