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    • Exploring Carbon Mineral Systems: Recent Advances in C Mineral Evolution, Mineral Ecology, and Network Analysis 

      Morrison, S.M.; Buongiorno, J.; Downs, R. T.; Eleish, Ahmed; Fox, Peter; Giovannelli, D.; Golden, J. J.; Hummer, D.R.; Hystad, G.; Kellogg, L. H.; Kreylos, O.; Krivovichev, S. V.; Liu, C.; Merdith, A.; Prabhu, Anirudh; Ralph, J.; Runyon, S. E.; Zahirovic, S.; Hazen, Robert (Frontiers in Earth Science, 2020-08)
      Large and growing data resources on the spatial and temporal diversity and distribution of the more than 400 carbon-bearing mineral species reveal patterns of mineral evolution and ecology. Recent advances in analytical ...