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    • Semantically-targeted analytics for reproducible scientific discovery 

      New, Alexander; Chari, Shruthi; Qim, Miao; Rashid, Sabbir; Erickson, John S.; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Bennett, Kristin (2019-05-13)
      We develop a semantics-driven, automated approach for dynamically performing rigorous scientific studies. This framework may be applied to a wide variety of data and study types; here, we demonstrate its suitability for ...
    • SETLr: the semantic extract, transform, and load-r 

      McCusker, Jamie; Chastain, Katherine; Rashid, Sabbir; Norris, Spencer; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2018-02-02)
      Semantic Extract, Transform, and Load-er (SETLr) is a flexible, scalable tool for providing semantic interpretations to tabular, XML, and JSON-based data from local or web files. It has been used by diverse projects and ...
    • The Semantic Data Dictionary- An Approach for Describing and Annotating Data 

      Rashid, Sabbir; McCusker, Jamie; Pinheiro, Paulo; Bax, Marcello; Santos, Henrique; Stingone, Jeanette; Das, Amar; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2020-04-01)
      It is common practice for data providers to include text descriptions for each column when publishing datasets in the form of data dictionaries. While these documents are useful in helping an end-user properly interpret ...
    • The Whyis Knowledge Graph Framework in Action 

      McCusker, Jamie; Rashid, Sabbir; Agu, Nkechinyere; Bennett, Kristin; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2018-10-01)
      We will demonstrate a reusable framework for developing knowledge graphs that supports general, open-ended development of knowledge curation, interaction, and inference. Knowledge graphs need to be easily maintainable and ...
    • Using semantics and analytics to drive dynamic health risk analyses 

      New, Alexander; Rashid, Sabbir; Erickson, John S.; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Bennett, Kristin P. (AMIA, 2018-11-03)