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    • Knowledge Graphs 

      Hogan, Aidan; Gutierrez, Claudio; Cochcz, Michael; de Melo, Gerard; Kirranc, Sabrina; Pollcrcs, Axel; Navigli, Roberto; Ngonga Ngomo, Axcl-Cyrille; Rashid, Sabbir; Schmclzciscn, Lukas; Staab, Stefan; Blomqvist, Eva; d’Amato, Claudia; Gayo, José Emilio Labra; Ncumaicr, Sebastian (Springer, Cham, 2021-09)
      This book provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to knowledge graphs, which have recently garnered notable attention from both industry and academia. Knowledge graphs are founded on the principle of applying ...
    • On the Creation of Knowledge Graphs: A Report on Best Practices and their Future 

      Rashid, Sabbir; Blomqvist, Eva; Shimizu, Cogan; Dumontier, Michel (Dagstuhl reports, 2019)
      Knowledge Graphs have an important role in organizing and making information more broadly available to people and machines. While many knowledge graphs have been developed, the approaches used to build them can differ ...