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    • Reports of the AAAI 2010 Spring Symposia 

      Barkowsky, Thomas; Bertel, Sven; Broz, Frank; Chaudhri, Vinay; Eagle, Nathan; Genesereth, Michael; Halpin, Harry; Hammer, Emily; Hoffman, Gabe; Hölscher, Christoph; Horvitz, Eric; Lauwers, Tom; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Michalowski, Marek; Mower, Emily; Shipley, Thomas; Stubbs, Kristen; Vogl, Roland; Williams, Mary-Anne (AI Magazine, 2010-07-28)
      The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, is pleased to present the 2010 Spring Symposium Series, to be held Monday through ...
    • When owl:sameAs isn’t the Same: An Analysis of Identity in Linked Data 

      Halpin, Harry; Hayes, Patrick; McCusker, Jamie; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Thompson, Henry (2010-11-07)
      In Linked Data, the use of owl:sameAs is ubiquitous in interlinking data-sets. There is however, ongoing discussion about its use, and potential misuse, particularly with regards to interactions with inference. In fact, ...