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    • Analyzing the AIR Language: A Semantic Web (Production) Rules Language 

      Hendler, James A.; Khandelwal, Ankesh; Bao, Jie; Kagal, Lalana; Jacobi, Ian; Ding, Li (2010-01-01)
      The Accountability In RDF (AIR) language is an N3-based, Semantic Web production rule language that supports nested activation of rules, negation, closed world reasoning, scoped contextualized reasoning, and explanation ...
    • Rule-Based Trust Assessment on the Semantic Web 

      Jacobi, Ian; Kagal, Lalana; Khandelwal, Ankesh (2011-07-19)
      The Semantic Web is a decentralized forum on which anyone can publish structured data or extend and reuse existing data. This inherent openness of the Semantic Web raises questions about the trust-worthiness of the data. ...