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    • Building a Social Machine for Graduate Mobility 

      Keshan, Neha (13th ACM Web Science Conference 2021, 2021., 2021-06-01)
      The paper discusses the construction of a social machine to solve a complex problem faced by doctoral students: “What Comes Next?” especially important during this pandemic when many traditional career paths have been ...
    • InDO: the Institute Demographic Ontology 

      Keshan, Neha; Fontaine, Kathy; Hendler, Jim (Iberoamerican Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference. Springer, Cham, 2021., 2021-11-22)
      Graduate education institutes in the United States (US) have been working on programs to increase the number of students and faculty from marginalized communities. When choosing to pursue a doctoral degree, the common ...
    • Nanomine: A Knowledge Graph for Nanocomposite Materials Science 

      McCusker, Jamie; Keshan, Neha; Rashid, Sabbir; Deagen, Michael; Brinson, Cate; McGuinness, Deborah (2020-11-01)
      Knowledge graphs can be used to help scientists integrate and explore their data in novel ways. NanoMine, built with the Whyis knowledge graph framework, integrates diverse data from over 1,700 polymer nanocomposite ...