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    • Semantic sensitive tensor factorization 

      Nakatsuji, Makoto; Toda, Hiroyuki; Sawada, Hiroshi; Zheng, Jin Guang; Hendler, James A. (Elsevier, 2016)
      The ability to predict the activities of users is an important one for recommender systems and analyses of social media. User activities can be represented in terms of relationships involving three or more things (e.g. ...
    • Semantic Social Network Analysis by Cross-Domain Tensor Factorization 

      Nakatsuji, Makoto; Zhang, Qingpeng; Lu, Xiaohui; Makni, Bassem; Hendler, James A. (IEEE, 2017)
      Analyzing “what topics” a user discusses with others is important in social network analysis. Since social relationships can be represented as multiobject relationships (e.g., those composed of a user, another user, and ...
    • Tensor Factorization that Utilizes Semantics behind Objects 

      Nakatsuji, Makoto; Fujiwara, Ysuhiro; Toda, Hiroyuki; Sawada, Hiroshi; Zheng, Jin; Hendler, James A. (Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2015)
      Predicting human activities is important for improving recommender systems or analyzing social relationships among users. Those human activities are usually represented as multi-object relationships (e.g. user's tagging ...