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    • The Progress of University Digital Museum Grid 

      Chen, Xiaowu; Ou, Haifeng; Luo, Xixi; Chen, Mingji; Zhang, Yi (2006-01-01)
      ChinaGrid provides the nationwide grid computing platform and services for education and research purpose among 100 key universities in China. University Digital Museum Grid (UDMGrid) is one of the most important applications ...
    • Toolkits for Ontology Building and Semantic Annotation in UDMGrid 

      Chen, Xiaowu; Luo, Xixi; Ou, Haifeng; Chen, Mingji; Xiao, Hui; Zhang, Pin; Cheng, Feng (2006-01-01)
      University Digital Museum Grid (UDMGrid) has been developed to provide one-stop information services about kinds of digital specimens in the form of grid services. In order to speed up the way to make the digital specimen ...
    • UDMGrid: A Grid Application for University Digital Museums 

      Chen, Xiaowu; Xu, Zhi; Pan, Zhangsheng; Luo, Xixi; Lin, Hongchang; Huang, Yingchun; Ou, Haifeng (2004-01-01)
      Because the eighteen online university digital museums of China confront a problem that the multi-discipline resources at these digital museums are isolated and dispersed without sufficient interconnection, ChinaGrid (China ...