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    • Bringing Semantics to Web Services with OWL-S 

      Martin, David; Burstein, Mark; McDermott, Drew; McIlraith, Sheila; Paolucci, Massimo; Sycara, Katia; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Sirin, Evren; Srinivasan, Naveen (World Wide Web Journal, 2007-09-01)
      Current industry standards for describing Web Services focus on ensuring interoperability across diverse platforms, but do not provide a good foundation for automating the use of Web Services. Representational techniques ...
    • DAML-S: Semantic Markup for Web Services 

      Ankolekar, Anupriya; Burstein, Mark; Hobbs, Jerry; Lassila, Ora; Martin, David; McIlraith, Sheila; Narayanan, Srini; Paolucci, Massimo; Payne, Terry; Sycara, Katia; Zeng, Honglei (The Emerging Semantic Web, 2001-01-01)
      The Semantic Web should enable greater access not only to content but also to services on the Web. Users and software agents should be able to discover, invoke, compose, and monitor Web resources offering particular services ...