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    • Improving Ontology Service-Driven Entity Disambiguation 

      Seyed, Patrice; Fry, Zach; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2014-09-22)
      One of the long-standing challenges in natural language processing is uniquely identifying entities in text, which when performed accurately and with formal ontologies, supports efforts such as semantic search and ...
    • SemantEco Annotator 

      Seyed, Patrice; Chastain, Katherine; Liu, Yue; Lebo, Tim; Patton, Evan; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2013-10-21)
      Generating useful RDF linked data is not a straightforward process for scientists using today's tools. In this paper we introduce the SemantEco Annotator, a semantic web application that leverages community-based vocabularies ...
    • SemantEco: A Modular Framework for Integration of Ecological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences Data 

      Patton, Evan; Seyed, Patrice; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2013-04-03)
    • SemantEco: A Next- Generation Web Observatory 

      Seyed, Patrice; Lebo, Tim; Patton, Evan; McCusker, Jamie; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2013-05-13)
      A web observatory for empirical research of Web data benefits from software frameworks that are modular, has a clear underlying semantic model, and that includes metadata enabling a trace and inspection of the source data ...
    • SemantEco: A semantically powered modular architecture for integrating distributed environmental and ecological data 

      Patton, Evan; Seyed, Patrice; Wang, Ping; Fu, Linyun; Dein, Joshua; Bristol, Sky; McGuinness, Deborah L. (Future Generation Computing Systems, 2013-09-27)
      We aim to inform the development of decision support tools for resource managers who need to examine large complex ecosystems and make recommendations in the face of many tradeoffs and conflicting drivers. We take a semantic ...