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    • Entropy-based metrics for evaluating schema reuse 

      Shinavier, Joshua (2009-12-06)
      Schemas, which provide a way to give structure to information, are becoming more and more important for information integration. The model described here provides concrete metrics of the momentary "health" of an application ...
    • MultiRank: Reputation Ranking for Generic Semantic Social Networks 

      Shinavier, Joshua (2009-04-01)
      This paper presents a technique for calculating "reputation" or influence of users and artifacts in semantic social net works: in particular, as an incentive mechanism to encourage reuse of complex resources such as ...
    • Open Government Data: A Data Analytics Approach 

      Erickson, John S.; Viswanathan, Amar; Shinavier, Joshua; Hendler, James A. (IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2013-09-01)
      In December 2010 the International Open Government Dataset Search (IOGDS) team at the Tetherless World Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute embarked on a project to discover, document and analyze open data ...
    • owl:sameAs and Linked Data: An Empirical Study 

      Ding, Li; Shinavier, Joshua; Finin, Timothy; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2010-04-26)
      Linked Data is a steadily growing presence on the Web. In Linked Data, the description of resources can be obtained incrementally by dereferencing the URIs of resources via the HTTP protocol. The use of owl:sameAs further ...
    • Real-time #SemanticWeb in <= 140 chars 

      Shinavier, Joshua (2010-04-27)
      Instant publication, along with the prospect of widespread geotagging in microblog posts, presents new opportunities for real-time and location-based services. Much as these services are changing the nature of search on ...
    • Ripple: Functional Programs as Linked Data 

      Shinavier, Joshua (2007-01-01)
    • SameAs Networks and Beyond: Analyzing Deployment Status and Implications of owl:sameAs in Linked Data 

      Ding, Li; Shinavier, Joshua; Shangguan, Zhenning; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2010-11-07)
      Millions of owl:sameAs statements have been published on the Web of Data. Due to its unique role and heavy usage in Linked Data integration, owl:sameAs has become a topic of increasing interest and debate. This paper ...