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    • Application of Semantic Technology to Define Names for Fungi 

      Wilson, Nathan; Dunn, Katie; Wang, Han; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2012-04-09)
      The need for well-defined, persistent descriptions of taxa that can be accurately interpreted by computers is becoming increasingly clear. The goal of this work is to develop named descriptions of Fungi that enable automated ...
    • Data Visualization in the Semantic Web 

      Ma, Xiaogang; Chen, Yu; Wang, Han; Zheng, Jin Guang; Fu, Linyun; West, Patrick; Erickson, John S.; Fox, Peter (IOS Press, 2015)
    • Language and Domain Independent Entity Linking with Quantified Collective Validation 

      Wang, Han; Zheng, Jin; Ma, Xiaogang; Fox, Peter; Ji, Heng (2015-09-17)
      Linking named mentions detected in a source document to an existing knowl- edge base provides disambiguated entity referents for the mentions. This allows better document analysis, knowledge ex- traction and knowledge base ...
    • Learning from Metadata: a Fuzzy Token Matching Based Configuration File Discovery Approach 

      Wang, Han; Meng, Fan Jing; Zhuo, Xuejun; Yang, Lin; Li, Chang Sheng; Xu, Jing Min (2015-06-27)
      Discovery of configuration files is one of the prerequisite activities for a successful workload migration to the cloud. The complicated and super-sized file systems, the considerable variance of configuration files, and ...
    • Scientific Names and Descriptions for Organisms on the Semantic Web 

      Wilson, Nathan; Wang, Han; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2012-11-12)
      An efficient process for creating precise, accurate, machine-interpretable morpho- logical descriptions of groups of organisms is needed to more effectively gather observations of the world’s biodiversity. While morphological ...
    • Semantic Vernacular System: an Observation-based, Community-powered, and Semantics-enabled Naming System for Organisms 

      Wang, Han; Wilson, Nathan; Dunn, Katie; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2012-11-15)
      The Semantic Vernacular System is a novel naming system for creating named, machine-interpretable descriptions for groups of organisms. Unlike the traditional scientific naming system, which is based on evolutionary ...
    • Weaving a Knowledge Network for Deep Carbon Science 

      Ma, Xiaogang; West, Patrick; Zednik, Stephan; Erickson, John S.; Eleish, Ahmed; Chen, Yanning; Wang, Han; Zhong, Hao; Fox, Peter (Frontiers in Earth Science, 2017-05-15)
      Geoscience researchers are increasingly dependent on informatics and the Web to conduct their research. Geoscience is one of the first domains that take lead in initiatives such as open data, open code, open access, and ...