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    • Knowledge graphs: Introduction, history, and perspectives 

      Chaudhri, V. K.; Baru, C.; Chittar, N.; Dong, X. L.; Genesereth, M.; Hendler, James A.; Kalyanpur, A.; Lenat, D.; Sequeda, Juan; Vrandečić, D.; Wang, K. (Wiley, 2022-03-31)
      Knowledge graphs (KGs) have emerged as a compelling abstraction for organizing the world's structured knowledge and for integrating information extracted from multiple data sources. They are also beginning to play a central ...
    • Semi automated process for generating knowledge graphs for marginalized community doctoral-recipients. 

      Keshan, Neha; Fontaine, Kathy; Hendler, James A. (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022-10-13)
      Purpose – This paper aims to describe the “InDO: Institute Demographic Ontology” and demonstrates the InDO-based semiautomated process for both generating and extending a knowledge graph to provide a comprehensive resource ...