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    • Remembering the Important Things: Semantic Importance in Stream Reasoning 

      Yan, Rui; Greaves, Mark; Smith, William; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2016-08-21)
      Reasoning and querying over data streams rely on the ability to deliver a sequence of stream snapshots to the processing algorithms. These snapshots are typically provided using windows as views into streams and associated ...
    • Towards A Cache-Enabled, Order-Aware, Ontology-Based Stream Reasoning Framework 

      Yan, Rui; Praggastis, Brenda; Smith, William; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2016-02-10)
      While streaming data have become increasingly more popular in business and research communities, semantic models and processing software for streaming data have not kept pace. Traditional semantic solutions have not addressed ...