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    • Applying Semantics in Dataset Summarization for Solar Data Ingest Pipelines 

      Michaelis, James; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Zednik, Stephan; West, Patrick; Fox, Peter (2012-12-07)
      One goal in studying phenomena of the solar corona (e.g., flares, coronal mass ejections) is to create and refine predictive models of space weather – which have broad implications for terrestrial activity (e.g., communication ...
    • Semantic Provenance for Science Data Products - Application to Image Data Processing 

      Zednik, Stephan; Fox, Peter; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Pinheiro, Paulo; Chang, Cynthia (2009-10-25)
      A challenge in providing scientific data services to a broad user base is to also provide the metadata services and tools the user base needs to correctly interpret and trust the provided data. Provenance metadata is ...