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    • Legal and ethical considerations: step 1b in building a health web observatory 

      Gloria, Kristine; Erickson, John S.; Luciano, Joanne; DiFranzo, Dominic; McGuinness, Deborah L. (2014-04-11)
      This paper explores the impact of health information technologies, including the Web, on society and advocates for the development of a Health Web Observatory (HWO) to collect, store and analyze new sources of health ...
    • The Web Observatory Extension: Facilitating Web Science Collaboration through Semantic Markup 

      DiFranzo, Dominic; Erickson, John S.; Gloria, Kristine; Luciano, Joanne; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Hendler, James A. (2014-04-11)
      The multi-disciplinary nature of Web Science and the large size and diversity of data collected and studied by its practitioners has inspired a new type of Web resource known as the Web Observatory. Web observatories are ...