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    • Producing and Using Linked Open Government Data in the TWC LOGD Portal 

      Lebo, Tim; Erickson, John; Graves, Alvaro; Williams, Gregory; DiFranzo, Dominic; Li, Xian; Michaelis, James; Zheng, Jin; Flores, Johanna; Shangguan, Zhenning; McGuinness, Deborah; Hendler, Jim (2011-11-04)
      As open government initiatives around the world pub- lish an increasing number of raw datasets, citizens and communities face daunting challenges when organiz- ing, understanding, and associating disparate data re- lated ...
    • Trustable Task Processing Systems 

      Glass, Alyssa; McGuinness, Deborah; Pinheiro, Paulo; Wolverton, Michael (KI Journal, Special Issue on Explanation, 2008-08-01)
      As personal assistant software matures and assumes more autonomous control of user activities, it becomes more critical that this software can tell the user why it is doing what it is doing, and instill trust in the user ...