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dc.contributor.authorPoirier, Lindsay
dc.contributor.authorHidalgo, Noel
dc.contributor.authorGoldman, Emily
dc.description.abstractNew York City’s 59 community boards are responsible for representing the needs of local communities in city planning and budgeting. Composed of 50 appointed volunteers that live or work within the community, community boards have local expertise that enables them to advocate on behalf of their communities. They are the most local level of NYC government. For the past several months, BetaNYC has been conducting research on community board information infrastructure because we believe that boards should have the resources they need to represent the diverse and, at times, underrepresented needs in their communities and to legitimize issues that they already know to impact their communities. BetaNYC has placed community boards at the center of our research because we believe that their experience living and working within their communities uniquely positions them to connect with citizens, to understand local problems, and to audit biases in data.
dc.titleData Design Challenges and Opportunities for NYC Community Boards

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