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dc.contributor.authorDiviacco, P.
dc.contributor.authorFox, Peter
dc.contributor.authorPshenichny, Cyril
dc.contributor.authorLeadbetter, Adam
dc.description.abstractResearch inherently requires collaborative efforts between individuals, databases, and institutions. However, the systems that enable such interpersonal cooperation must be properly suited in facilitating such efforts to avoid impeding productivity. Collaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks addresses the various systems in place for collaborative e-research and how these practices serve to enhance the quality of research across disciplines. Covering new networks available through social media as well as traditional methods such as mailing lists and forums, this publication considers various scientific disciplines and their individual needs. Theorists of collaborative scientific work, technology developers, researchers, and funding agency officials will find this book valuable in exploring and understanding the process of scientific collaboration.
dc.titleCollaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks

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