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dc.contributor.authorMa, Xiaogang
dc.contributor.authorFox, Peter
dc.contributor.authorRozell, Eric
dc.contributor.authorWest, Patrick
dc.contributor.authorZednik, Stephan
dc.description.abstractOntologies are increasingly deployed as a computer-accessible representation of key semantics in various parts of a data life cycle and, thus, ontology dynamics may pose challenges to data management and re-use. By using examples in the field of geosciences, we analyze challenges raised by ontology dynamics, such as heavy reworking of data, semantic heterogeneity among data providers and users, and error propagation in cross-discipline data discovery and re-use. We also make recommendations to address these challenges: (1) communities of practice on ontologies to re- duce inconsistency and duplicated efforts; (2) use ontologies in the procedure of data collection and make them accessible to data users; and (3) seek methods to speed up the reworking of data in a Semantic Web context.
dc.publisherJournal of Earth Science
dc.subjectGlobal Change Information System: Information Model and Semantic Application Prototypes
dc.titleOntology Dynamics in a Data Life Cycle: Challenges and Recommendations from a Geoscience Perspective

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