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dc.contributor.authorSeyed, Patrice
dc.contributor.authorLebo, Tim
dc.contributor.authorPatton, Evan
dc.contributor.authorMcCusker, Jamie
dc.contributor.authorMcGuinness, Deborah
dc.description.abstractA web observatory for empirical research of Web data benefits from software frameworks that are modular, has a clear underlying semantic model, and that includes metadata enabling a trace and inspection of the source data and justifications for derived datasets. We present SemantEco as an architecture that can serve as an exemplar abstraction for infrastructure design and metadata based on best practices in Semantic Web, Provenance, and Software Engineering, that can be employed in any Web Observatory, that may grow out of a community. We will describe how the SemantEco framework allows for searching, visualizing, and tracing a wide variety of data.
dc.subjectSemantic Water Quality Portal
dc.titleSemantEco: A Next- Generation Web Observatory

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