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dc.contributor.authorPatton, Evan
dc.contributor.authorMcGuinness, Deborah
dc.description.abstractThe Tetherless World Mobile Wine Agent is a Semantic Web application for making wine and food recommendations to users. In order to make the interface easier for users, instances are generated through a common interface that uses data from the underlying ontology to drive user interaction. The agent is being integrated with social applications, such as Facebook and Twitter, to allow users to leverage and share generated content with other individuals on the World Wide Web. Anyone can contribute data by constructing an RDF graph and making it available over the web in XML, which the agent will read and incorporate into its internal graph. Thus, users of the wine agent can access menus published in RDF on the web. By bringing together semantics, data sharing, and extensibility, the Mobile Wine Agent demonstrates how semantics and user interactions can work in tandem to grow the Semantic Web.
dc.subjectWine Agent
dc.titleThe Mobile Wine Agent: Pairing Wine with the Social Semantic Web

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