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dc.contributor.authorMcGuinness, Deborah
dc.contributor.authorResnick, Lori
dc.contributor.authorIsbell, Charles
dc.description.abstractDescription logic-based configuration applications have been used within AT&T since 1990 to process over two and a half billion dollars worth of orders. While this family of applications has widely acknowledged importance, it is difficult to use for pedagogical purposes since the typical pro duct configured is a highly interconnected, complicated technical piece of equipment like the DACS IV 2000. We have developed a smaller-scale configuration application that has analogous reasoning processes but a more approachable domain - that of building home theater systems. This application provides a platform for explaining how Description Logic-based Systems (DLSs) work, in our case the classic knowledge representation system and how they can support industrial applications like configuration.
dc.titleDescription Logic in Practice: A CLASSIC Application

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