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    • Analysis of Fluorescently Labeled Sugars by Reversed-Phase Ion-Pairing High Performance Liquid Chromatography 

      Kim, Y.S.; Liu, J.; Han, X.J.; Pervin, A.; Linhardt, Robert J. (1995-01-01)
      Reducing sugars, including monosaccharides, disaccharides, and a trisaccharide, are derivatized by reductive amination with 7-amino-1,3-naphthalene disulfonic acid. Reversed-phase ion-pairing high-performance liquid ...
    • Lectin Affinity Electrophoresis 

      Linhardt, Robert J.; Han, X.J.; Fromm, J.R. (1995)
      Lectin affinity electrophoresis is a powerful technique to investigate the interaction between a lectin and its ligand. Affinity electrophoresis results from the reduced mobility of a charged species owing to its interaction ...