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    • Preparation and Structural Characterization of Large Heparin-Derived Oligosaccharides 

      Pervin, Azra; Gallo, Cindy; Jandik, Kenneth A.; Han, Xue Jun; Linhardt, Robert J. (1995-02-01)
      Porcine mucosal heparin was partially depolymerized with heparin lyase I and then fractionated into low-molecular-weight (< 5000) and high-molecular-weight (> 5000) oligosaccharides by pressure filtration. The high-molec ...
    • Strategy for the Sequence Analysis of Heparin 

      Liu, Jian; Desai, Umesh R.; Han, Xue Jun; Toida, Toshihiko; Linhardt, Robert J. (1995-01-01)
      The versatile biological activities of proteoglycans are mainly mediated by their glycosaminoglycan (GAG) components. Unlike proteins and nucleic acids, no satisfactory method for sequencing GAGs has been developed. This ...