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    • Chemical, enzymatic and biological synthesis of hyaluronic acids 

      Li, Jingmin; Qiao, Meng; Ji, Yuan; Lin, Lei; Zhang, Xing; Linhardt, Robert J. (2020-06-01)
      Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a major glycosaminoglycan, a family of structurally complex, linear, anionic hetero-co-polysaccharides. HA is important in various anatomical structures including the eyes, joints, heart and myriad ...
    • Prolonged release and shelf-life of anticoagulant sulfated polysaccharides encapsulated with ZIF-8 

      Zheng, Jie; Li, Bingzhi; Ji, Yuan; Chen, Yin; Lv, Xun; Zhang, Xing; Linhardt, Robert J. (2021-07-31)
      Natural active polysaccharides are attracting increased attention from pharmaceutical industries for their valuable biological activities. However, the application of polysaccharides has been restricted due to their ...
    • Synthesis of selected unnatural sugar nucleotides for biotechnological applications 

      Qiao, Meng; Li, Bingzhi; Ji, Yuan; Lin, Lei; Linhardt, Robert; Zhang, Xing (Taylor and Francis, 2021-01-01)
      Sugar nucleotides are the principal building blocks for the synthesis of most complex carbohydrates and are crucial intermediates in carbohydrate metabolism. Uridine diphosphate (UDP) monosaccharides are among the most ...