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    • Lysostaphin-functionalized cellulose fibers with antistaphylococcal activity for wound healing applications 

      Miao, Jianjun; Pangule, Ravindra C.; Paskaleva, Elena E.; Hwang, Elizabeth E.; Kane, Ravi S.; Linhardt, Robert J.; Dordick, Jonathan S. (2011-12-01)
      With the emergence of "super bacteria" that are resistant to antibiotics, e.g., methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, novel antimicrobial therapies are needed to prevent associated hospitalizations and deaths. ...
    • Nanostructured glycan architecture is important in the inhibition of influenza A virus infection 

      Kwon, Seok Joon; Na, Dong Hee; Kwak, Jong Hwan; Douaisi, Marc; Zhang, Fuming; Park, Eun Ji; Park, Jong Hwan; Youn, Hana; Song, Chang Seon; Kane, Ravi S.; Dordick, Jonathan S.; Lee, Kyung Bok; Linhardt, Robert J. (2017-01-10)
      Rapid change and zoonotic transmission to humans have enhanced the virulence of the influenza A virus (IAV)3. Neutralizing antibodies fail to provide lasting protection from seasonal epidemics1,4. Furthermore, the effectiveness ...