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    • Oversulfated Chondroitin Sulfate is a major contaminant in Heparin associated with Adverse Clinical Events 

      Guerrini, M.; Beccati, D.; Shriver, Z.; Naggi, A.M.; Bisio, A.; Capila, I.; Lansing, J.; Guglieri, S.; Fraser, B.; Al-Hakim, A.; Gunay, S.; Viswanathan, K.; Zhang, Z.; Robinson, L.; Venkataraman, G.; Buhse, L.; Nasr, M.; Woodcock, J.; Langer, R.; Linhardt, Robert J.; Casu, B.; Torri, G.; Sasisekharan, R. (Nature, 2008)
      Recently, certain lots of heparin have been associated with an acute, rapid onset of serious side effects indicative of an allergic-type reaction. To identify potential causes for this sudden rise in side effects, we ...