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    • Glycoconjugate synthesis using chemoselective ligation 

      Cheng, Shuihong; Wantuch, Paeton L.; Kizer, Megan E.; Middleton, Dustin R.; Wang, Ruitong; Dibello, Mikaela; Li, Mingli; Wang, Xing; Li, Xuebing; Ramachandiran, Vasanthi; Avci, Fikri Y.; Zhang, Fuming; Zhang, Xing; Linhardt, Robert J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-01-01)
      Chemoselective ligation of carbohydrates and polypeptides was achieved using an adipic acid dihydrazide cross-linker. The reducing end of a carbohydrate is efficiently attached to peptides in two steps, constructing a ...