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    • An Immobilized Microbial Heparinase for Blood Deheparinization 

      Linhardt, R. J.; Cooney, C. L.; Tapper, D.; Zannetos, C. A.; Larsen, A. K.; Langer, R. (1984-02-01)
      A new medical application of an immobilized microbial enzyme is described. Extracorporeal devices require systemic heparin administration to prevent thrombus formation; however, the use of heparin often leads to serious ...
    • Immobilized Heparinase: Productions, Purification, and Application In Extracorporeal Therapy 

      Langer, R.; Linhardt, Robert J.; Cooney, C.L.; Tapper, D.; Klein, M.D. (1982-01-01)
      There are nearly 20,000,000 perfusions involving extracorporeal medical machines performed each year (1,2). The artificial kidney is employed several times weekly by over 100,000 persons each year (1). Open-heart operations ...
    • In Vivo Activity of Microbial Heparinase 

      Langer, R.; Linhardt, Robert J.; Larsen, A.K.; Cooney, C.L.; Tapper, D.; Klein, M. (1982)
      Heparin, prepared from mammalian intestinal mucosa, is the most widely used anticoagulant. It has been estimated, however, that the use of heparin leads to complications such as bleeding 8-33% of the time1. Of all prescription ...