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    • A Dose Escalation Study or Org 10172 (Low Molecular Weight Heparinoid) in Stroke 

      Biller, J.; Massey, E.W.; Marler, J.R.; Adams, H.P.; Davis, J.N.; Bruno, A.; Henriksen, R.A.; Linhardt, Robert J.; Goldstein, L.B.; Alberts, M.; Kisker, C.T.; Toffol, G.J.; Greenberg, C.S.; Banwart, K.J.; Bertels, C.; Beck, D.W.; Walker, M.; Maganani, H.N. (1989-01-01)
      An intravenous infusion of a low molecular weight heparinoid, with a reduced risk of hemorrhage, may be an alternative to heparin in the management of acute ischemic stroke. To evaluate this hypothesis, we studied the ...