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dc.contributor.authorWen, Peng
dc.contributor.authorWen, Yan
dc.contributor.authorZong, Min Hua
dc.contributor.authorLinhardt, Robert J.
dc.contributor.authorWu, Hong
dc.identifier.citationEncapsulation of bioactive compound in electrospun fibers and its potential application, P. Wen, Y. Wen, M.-H. Zong, R. J. Linhardt , H. Wu, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65, 9161-9179, 2017.
dc.descriptionJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65, 9161-9179
dc.descriptionNote : if this item contains full text it may be a preprint, author manuscript, or a Gold OA copy that permits redistribution with a license such as CC BY. The final version is available through the publisher’s platform.
dc.description.abstractElectrospinning is a simple and versatile encapsulation technology. Since electrospinning does not involve severe conditions of temperature or pressure or the use of harsh chemicals, it has great potential for effectively entrapping and delivering bioactive compounds. Recently, electrospinning has been used in the food industry to encapsulate bioactive compounds into different biopolymers (carbohydrates and proteins), protecting them from adverse environmental conditions, maintaining the health-promoting properties, and achieving their controlled release. Electrospinning opens a new horizon in food technology with possible commercialization in the near future. This review summarizes the principles and the types of electrospinning processes. The electrospinning of biopolymers and their application in encapsulating of bioactive compounds are highlighted. The existing scope, limitations, and future prospects of electrospinning bioactive compounds are also presented.
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Natural Science Foundation of China
dc.relation.ispartofThe Linhardt Research Labs Online Collection
dc.relation.ispartofRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
dc.subjectChemistry and chemical biology
dc.subjectChemical and biological engineering
dc.subjectBiomedical engineering
dc.titleEncapsulation of bioactive compound in electrospun fibers and its potential application
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dc.relation.departmentThe Linhardt Research Labs.
dc.relation.departmentThe Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS)

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