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dc.contributor.authorJeong, Jia
dc.contributor.authorToida, Toshihiko
dc.contributor.authorMuneta, Yuki
dc.contributor.authorKosiishi, Ichiro
dc.contributor.authorImanari, Toshio
dc.contributor.authorLinhardt, Robert J.
dc.contributor.authorChoi, Hyung Seok
dc.contributor.authorWu, Song Ji
dc.contributor.authorKim, Yeong Shik
dc.identifier.citationLocalization and Characterization of Acharan Sulfate in the Body of the Giant African Snail Achatina fulica, J. Jeong, T. Toida, I. Kosiishi, T. Imanari, R.J. Linhardt, S.J. Wu, Y.S. Kim, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology (Part B), 130, 513-519, 2001.
dc.descriptionComparative Biochemistry and Physiology (Part B), 130, 513-519
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dc.description.abstractAcharan sulfate is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG), having the structure -->4)-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-alpha-D-glucopyranose(1-->4)-2-sulfo-alpha-L-idopyranosyluronic acid (1-->, isolated from the body of the giant African snail Achatina fulica. This GAG represents 3-5% of the dry weight of this snail's soft body tissues. Frozen sections and polyester wax sections of the snail's body were stained by Alcian blue-periodic acid-Schiff's reagent (PAS) to localize acharan sulfate. Alcian blue staining indicated that GAG was mainly secreted into the outer surface of the body from internal granules. A highly mucous material was collected and treated and the acharan sulfate was recovered by ethanol and cetyl pyridinium chloride precipitation. Crude acharan sulfate was purified by DEAE-Sephacel ion-exchange chromatography. Depolymerization of intact mucus and purified acharan sulfate fractions by heparin lyase II (heparitinase I) from Flavobacterium heparinum produced an unsaturated disaccharide as a major product, establishing the repeating unit of acharan sulfate. These results demonstrate that mucus in the granule and secreted to the outside of the body is composed entirely of acharan sulfate.
dc.description.sponsorshipJapan Society for the Promotion of Science
dc.relation.ispartofThe Linhardt Research Labs Online Collection
dc.relation.ispartofRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
dc.relation.ispartofComparative Biochemistry and Physiology - B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
dc.subjectChemistry and chemical biology
dc.subjectChemical and biological engineering
dc.subjectBiomedical engineering
dc.titleLocalization and Characterization of Acharan Sulfate in the Body of the Giant African Snail Achatina fulica
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dc.relation.departmentThe Linhardt Research Labs.
dc.relation.departmentThe Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS)

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