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dc.contributor.authorJandik, Kenneth A.
dc.contributor.authorGu, Kenan
dc.contributor.authorLinhardt, Robert J.
dc.identifier.citationAction Pattern of Polysaccharide Lyases on Glycosaminoglycans K.A. Jandik, K. Gu, R.J. Linhardt, Glycobiology, 4, 289-296, 1994.
dc.descriptionGlycobiology, 4, 289-296
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dc.description.abstractThe action pattern of polysaccharide lyases on glycosaminoglycan substrates was examined using viscosimetric measurements and gradient polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). Heparin lyase I (heparinase, EC and heparin lyase II (no EC number) both acted on heparin in a random endolytic fashion. Heparin lyase II showed an ideal endolytic action pattern on heparan sulphate, while heparin lyase I decreased the molecular weight of heparan sulphate more slowly. Heparin lyase III (heparitinase, EC acted endolytically only on heparan sulphate and did not cleave heparin. Chondroitin ABC lyase (chondroitinase ABC, EC from Proteus vulgaris acted endolytically on chondroitin-6-sulphate (chondroitin sulphate C) and dermatan sulphate at nearly identical initial rates, but acted on chondroitin-4-sulphate (chondroitin sulphate A) at a reduced rate, decreasing its molecular weight much more slowly. Two chondroitin AC lyases (chondroitinase AC, both EC were examined towards chondroitin-4- and -6-sulphates. The exolytic action of chondroitin AC lyase A from Arthrobacter aurescens on both chondroitin-4- and -6-sulphates was demonstrated viscosimetrically and confirmed using both gradient PAGE and gel permeation chromatography. Chondroitin AC lyase F from Flavobacterium heparinum (Cytophagia heparinia) acted endolytically on the same substrates. Chondroitin B lyase (chondroitinase B, no EC number) from F.heparinum acted endolytically on dermatan sulphate giving a nearly identical action pattern as observed for chondroitin ABC lyase acting on dermatan sulphate.
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Institutes of Health
dc.relation.ispartofThe Linhardt Research Labs Online Collection
dc.relation.ispartofRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
dc.subjectChemistry and chemical biology
dc.subjectChemical and biological engineering
dc.subjectBiomedical engineering
dc.titleAction Pattern of Polysaccharide Lyases on Glycosaminoglycans
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dc.relation.departmentThe Linhardt Research Labs.
dc.relation.departmentThe Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS)

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