Synthetic jet actuator fabrication : modeling, quantification, and implementation

Housley, Kevin W.
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Amitay, Michael
Sahni, Onkar
Hicken, Jason
Herron, Isom H., 1946-
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Aeronautical engineering
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This work advances the understanding of synthetic jet actuators (SJA) for use in active aerodynamic flow control. SJAs are a popular electromechanical flow control device whose application is being widely explored in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. It addresses their fabrication and modeling, as well as their performance under both quiescent and crossflow conditions. A fabrication process was developed that produced piezoelectric bimorphs for use in the SJAs that were capable of velocity performance at least equal to commercially available products. A mathematical model was derived to represent the behavior of circular piezoelectric bimorphs in a synthetic jet actuator. The actuators' geometries consisted of a cylindrical cavity of low height-to-diameter aspect ratio. The motion of the bimorphs was assumed to be the first mode of the structure. However, under specific conditions, the potential of alternate mode shapes occurring in the bimorphs during operation of the actuator was found and evaluated experimentally. A limited parametric study was conducted, varying the thickness of the piezoelectric wafers used in the bimorphs and the geometry of the cavity and orifice.
May 2020
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