Characterization of Heparan Sulfate from the Unossified Antler of Cervus elaphus

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Ha, Young Wan
Jeon, Byong Tae
Moon, Sang Ho
Toyoda, Hidenao
Toida, Toshihiko
Linhardt, Robert J.
Kim, Yeong Shik
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Biology , Chemistry and chemical biology , Chemical and biological engineering , Biomedical engineering
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The antler is the most rapidly growing tissue in the animal kingdom. According to previous reports, antler glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) consist of all kinds GAGs except for heparan sulfate (HS). Chondroitin sulfate is the major antler GAG component comprising 88% of the total uronic acid content. In the current study, we have isolated HS from antler for the first time and characterized it based on both NMR spectroscopy and disaccharide composition analysis. Antler GAGs were isolated by protease treatment and followed by cetylpyridinium chloride precipitation. The sensitivity of antler GAGs to heparin lyase III showed that this sample contained heparan sulfate. After incubation of antler GAGs with chondroitin lyase ABC, the HS-containing fraction was recovered by ethanol precipitation. The composition of HS disaccharides in this fraction was determined by its complete depolymerization with a mixture of heparin lyase I, II, and III and analysis of the resulting disaccharides by the reversed-phase (RP) ion pairing-HPLC, monitored by the fluorescence detection using 2-cyanoacetamide as a post-column labeling reagent. Eight unsaturated disaccharides (DeltaUA-GlcNAc, DeltaUA-GlcNS, DeltaUA-GlcNAc6S, DeltaUA2S-GlcNAc, DeltaUA-GlcNS6S, DeltaUA2S-GlcNS, DeltaUA2S-GlcNAc6S, DeltaUA2S-GlcNS6S) were produced from antler HS by digestion with the mixture of heparin lyases. The total content of 2-O-sulfo disaccharide units in antler HS was higher than that of heparan sulfate from most other animal sources.
Carbohydrate Research, 340, 411-416
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Characterization of Heparan Sulfate from the Unossified Antler of Cervus elaphus, Y. W. Ha, B. T. Jeon, S. H. Moon, H. Toyoda, T. Toida, R. J. Linhardt, Y. S. Kim, Carbohydrate Research, 340, 411-416, 2005.
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