Contextual Data Collection for Smart Cities

Santos, Henrique
Furtado, Vasco
Pinheiro, Paulo
McGuinness, Deborah L.
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The Human-Aware Data Acquisition Infrastructure (HADatAc)
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As part of Smart Cities initiatives, national, regional and local governments all over the globe are under the mandate of being more open regarding how they share their data. Under this mandate, many of these governments are publishing data under the umbrella of open government data, which includes measurement data from city-wide sensor networks. Furthermore, many of these data are published in so-called data portals as documents that may be spreadsheets, comma-separated value (CSV) data files, or plain documents in PDF or Word documents. The sharing of these documents may be a convenient way for the data provider to convey and publish data but it is not the ideal way for data consumers to reuse the data. For example, the problems of reusing the data may range from difficulty opening a document that is provided in any format that is not plain text, to the actual problem of understanding the meaning of each piece of knowledge inside of the document. Our proposal tackles those challenges by identifying metadata that has been regarded to be relevant for measurement data. We further use the Human-Aware Sensor Network Ontology (HASNetO) to build an architecture for data collected in an urban environment. We discuss the use of HASNetO and the supporting infrastructure to manage both data and metadata in support of the City of Fortaleza, a large metropolitan area in Brazil.