Field application of real-time levee monitoring for health assessment in New Orleans, Louisiana

O'Meara, Kathleen Mary
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Bennett, Victoria Gene
Abdoun, Tarek
Zeghal, Mourad
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Civil engineering
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A complete set of SAAs and SAAPs, extensometers and piezometers, and multiple absolute and differential GPS units were installed at two test sites in New Orleans, LA. The first site is London Avenue Canal which is a drainage canal in urban New Orleans which is notoriously known for levee breaches that caused massive flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Suggested by the US Army Corps of Engineers is V-Line Levee in rural, swampland Louisiana which is a recently uplifted levee where deformation is expected. At this time, it is too soon to present a conclusion regarding the north and east data plots for the absolute GPS monitoring unit. The height aspect of the absolute monitoring unit displaying settlement values presented a reliable surface displacement that shows promise for future comparisons to Interferometric Satellite Aperture Radar systems. The SAAPs show promise for future use with SAAs in other field-application of real-time levee monitoring or other early warning management systems for geotechnical infrastructure.
August 2014
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Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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