Study of dispersion and carrier dynamics in semiconductors for optoelectronic applications

Saxena, Tanuj
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Shur, Michael
Schubert, E. Fred
Washington, Morris A.
Dutta, Partha S.
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Electrical engineering
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Spanning the spectral range from IR to UV, AlInGaN alloys exhibit the band gaps ranging from IR (0.7-0.8 eV for InN) to deep UV (6.2 eV for AlN). These materials are suitable for both optical sensor and emitter applications. These nitride alloys have many unique properties, which affect the dynamics of charge carriers and determine the quantum efficiency. AlGaN alloys have been characterized to determine and describe their carrier dynamics using time resolved and integrated photoluminescence spectroscopy and light induced transient grating measurements. These studies reveal the different recombination paths (radiative and non-radiative) the carriers take to decay after optical excitation or electrical injection. The interplay of these mechanisms determines the emission efficiency of the material as well as the operating speed of the devices. Many features related to trapping, localization and efficiency droop emerge by comparing samples of different quality. A qualitative model to describe the various processes of carrier recombination is developed. These considerations are important in optimization of material for emitter applications.
August 2015
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Dept. of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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