Multiscale modeling of damage and time dependent behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

Abdellatef, Mohamed
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Alnaggar, Mohammed
O'Rourke, Michael J.
Symans, Michael D.
Cusatis, Gianluca
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Civil engineering
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In this research, a detailed procedure for effective calibration was introduced by decoupling the different phenomena in the experimental tests during the calibration process. This procedure maximizes the robustness of the calibration process and improves the predictability of the framework by reducing the interdependency of model parameters during the calibration process. The third project was based on the successes of the previous one. In this project, a steel relaxation model was coupled with the framework to account for prestressing losses under varying stress and environmental conditions. To show the predictive capabilities of the framework, it was calibrated using lab-size specimens, then it was able to predict blindly the time dependent behavior of full size post-tensioned beams. Finally, the fourth project studied the reduction of the large computational cost associated with fine scale high fidelity simulations of the used computational framework. In this work, a coarse graining scheme was developed based on energy dissipation conservation for coarse and fine model, under complex damage mechanisms (mainly shear and shear-tension). The proposed scheme was first calibrated and validated using plain concrete tests including uniaxial compression and notched three point bending simulations, then it was validated for large-scale reinforced concrete beams.
August 2018
School of Engineering
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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