Crystal Structure of a Ternary FGF-FGFR-Heparin Complex Reveals a Dual Role for Heparin in FGFR Binding and Dimerization

Schlessinger, Joseph
Plotnikov, Alexander N.
Ibrahimi, Omar A.
Eliseenkova, Anna V.
Yeh, Brian K.
Yayon, Avner
Linhardt, Robert J.
Mohammadi, Moosa
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Biology , Chemistry and chemical biology , Chemical and biological engineering , Biomedical engineering
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Crystal Structure of a Ternary FGF-FGFR-Heparin Complex Reveals a Dual Role for Heparin in FGFR Binding and Dimerization, J. Schlessinger, A.N. Plotnikov, O.A. Ibrahimi, A.V. Eliseenkova, B.K. Yeh, A. Yayon, R.J. Linhardt, M. Mohammadi, Molecular Cell, 6, 743-750, 2000.
The crystal structure of a dimeric 2:2:2 FGF:FGFR:heparin ternary complex at 3 A resolution has been determined. Within each 1:1 FGF:FGFR complex, heparin makes numerous contacts with both FGF and FGFR, thereby augmenting FGF-FGFR binding. Heparin also interacts with FGFR in the adjoining 1:1 FGF:FGFR complex to promote FGFR dimerization. The 6-O-sulfate group of heparin plays a pivotal role in mediating both interactions. The unexpected stoichiometry of heparin binding in the structure led us to propose a revised model for FGFR dimerization. Biochemical data in support of this model are also presented. This model provides a structural basis for FGFR activation by small molecule heparin analogs and may facilitate the design of heparin mimetics capable of modulating FGF signaling.
Molecular Cell, 6, 743-750
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