Validation and benchmarking of the thermal neutron scattering law data files for neutron moderators using experimental data

Wendorff, Carl
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Liu, Li (Emily)
Danon, Yaron
Brown, Ethan
Ji, Wei
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Nuclear engineering
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A model of the experiments was created in MCNP 6.1 [2]. This was used to compare the ENDF/B-VIII.0 and other S(α,β) data library files with the experimentally collected DDSCS data. The S(α,β) libraries were also compared with MCNP 6.1 models of criticality benchmarks that were found in the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Project (ICSBEP) Handbook. The effects of the S(α,β) libraries were measured by comparing the changes in the criticality, keff , of the system. This allows the libraries to be compared with both differential measurements (DDSCS experiments) and integral measurements (experimentally collected keff ). The H2O and CH2 libraries display good to great representation of both, the experimental DDSCS and keff . The ENDF/B-VIII.0 SiO2 and C5O2H8 libraries show limited ability to represent the experimental data and in some cases were surpassed by a new S(α,β) libraries created at RPI. There does not exist a current S(α,β) library or corresponding criticality benchmarks for Teflon.
December 2018
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