Making Science Transparent By Default; Introducing the TOP Statement

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Aalbersberg, IJsbrand Jan
Appleyard, Tom
Brookhart, Sarah
Carpenter, Todd
Clarke, Michael
Curry, Stephen
Dahl, Josh
DeHaven, Alexander C.
Eich, Eric
Franko, Maryrose
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In order to increase the replicability of scientific work, the scientific community has called for practices designed to increase the transparency of research (McNutt, 2014; Nosek et al., 2015). The validity of a scientific claim depends not on the reputation of those making the claim, the venue in which the claim is made, or the novelty of the result, but rather on the empirical evidence provided by the underlying data and methods. Proper evaluation of the merits of scientific findings requires availability of the methods, materials, and data and the reasoned argument that serve as the basis for the published conclusions (Claerbout and Karrenbach 1992; Donoho et al 2009; Stodden et al 2013; Borwein et al 2013; Munafò et al, 2017). Wide and growing support for these principles (see, for example, signatories to Declaration on Research Assessment, DORA,, and the Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines must be coupled with guidelines to increase open sharing of data and research materials, use of reporting guidelines, preregistration, and replication. We propose that, going forward, authors of all scientific articles disclose the availability and location of all research items, including data, materials, and code, related to their published articles in what we will refer to as a TOP Statement.
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Aalbersberg, I. J., T. Appleyard, S. Brookhart, T. Carpenter, M. Clarke, S. Curry, J. Dahl, A. C. DeHaven, E. Eich, M. Franko, L. Freedman, C. Graf, S. Grant, B. Hanson, H. Joseph, V. Kiermer, B. Kramer, A. Kraut, R. K. Karn, C. Lee, A. MacFarlane, M. Martone, E. Mayo-Wilson, M. McNutt, M. McPhail, D. T. Mellor, D. Moher, A. Mudditt, B. A. Nosek, B. Orland, T. H. Parker, M. Parsons, M. Patterson, S. Santos, C. Shore, D. J. Simons, B. Spellman, J. R. Spies, M. Spitzer, V. Stodden, S. Swaminathan, D. Sweet, A. Tsui, and S. Vazire. 2018. “Making science transparent by default; introducing the top statement.”
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