Urban arterial real-time performance measurement using privacy preserving mobile sensors

Hao, Peng
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Ban, Xuegang
Holguín-Veras, José
Wang, Xiaokun (Cara)
Bennett, Kristin P.
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Transportation engineering
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In this research, an arterial Virtual Trip Line (VTL) system is constructed to collect intersection delays and short vehicle trajectories when vehicles pass the intersection. Based on the delay measurements from this system, a linear programming method is proposed to estimate the intersection delay pattern that is defined as intersection delay of any vehicle in term of arrival time. The real time intersection delay pattern turn out to be piece-wise linear, and contains discontinuities and non-smoothness. As the discontinuity in delay pattern implies the signal timing information, a Support Vector Machine based method is then developed to figure out the boundaries of cycles and further the cycle by cycle signal timing information such as cycle length, and splits. The non-smoothness indicates the interface of congested flow and free flow. This feature inspires the idea of real time queue length estimation by detecting critical points in the intersection delay patterns. To address the significant randomness and non-stationarity of the arterial traffic flow, a probabilistic graphic model is constructed with stochastic assumptions on the arrival and departure processes of a signalized intersection. The hidden traffic flow that is not directly measured from the mobile sensors could be reconstructed statistically based on the proposed Bayesian Network. We also study the formulation and dispersion of platoons between intersections, which is critical in profiling arrival time patterns and estimating arterial corridor travel times.
August 2013
School of Engineering
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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