Development of safety-critical software exhaustive testing framework for nuclear power plant digital i&c system

Lee, Sang Hun
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Kang, Hyun
Danon, Yaron
Liu, Li (Emily)
Milanova, Ana
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Nuclear engineering
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In this research, an exhaustive software testing method based on an automated test case generation framework for the function block diagram (FBD) programs used in NPP safety systems combined with the simulation-based test-bed was developed. As the software output is determined by the combinations of the states of software input and internal variables, generating the exhaustive test cases can be considered as a problem of finding the solutions that satisfy the on-demand situation of a software. The proposed test case generation framework translates FBD program to semantically equivalent SMT formula based on the formal definition of FBD and generates exhaustive test cases given desired software output by iteratively solving the SMT formula. In addition, an emulation-based software test-bed was developed which emulates the microprocessor architecture and memory map of a safety-critical programmable logic controller (PLC) used in NPP digital I&C system and captures its behavior at each machine instruction while the software executes its dedicated safety function. The test-bed can be used to execute the FBD program given the test cases and generate the test results by comparing the software output generated by the test-bed and the expected output.
December 2019
School of Engineering
Dept. of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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