Metabolic engineering and in vitro biosynthesis of natural and non-natural analogues of plant metabolites

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Mora-Pale, M.
Sanchez-Rodriguez, S.P.
Linhardt, R.J.
Dordick, J.S.
Koffas, M.A.G.
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Biology , Chemistry and chemical biology , Chemical and biological engineering , Biomedical engineering
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Over the years, natural products from plants and their non-natural derivatives have shown to be active against different types of chronic diseases. However, isolation of such natural products can be limited due to their low bioavailability, and environmental restrictions. To address these issues, in vivo and in vitro reconstruction of plant metabolic pathways and the metabolic engineering of microbes and plants have been used to generate libraries of compounds. Significant advances have been made through metabolic engineering of microbes and plant cells to generate a variety of compounds (e.g. isoprenoids, flavonoids, or stilbenes) using a diverse array of methods to optimize these processes (e.g. host selection, operational variables, precursor selection, gene modifications). These approaches have been used also to generate non-natural analogues with different bioactivities. In vitro biosynthesis allows the synthesis of intermediates as well as final products avoiding post-translational limitations. Moreover, this strategy allows the use of substrates and the production of metabolites that could be toxic for cells, or expand the biosynthesis into non-conventional media (e.g. organic solvents, supercritical fluids). A perspective is also provided on the challenges for generating novel chemical structures and the potential of combining metabolic engineering and in vitro biocatalysis to produce metabolites with more potent biological activities.
Plant Science, 210, 10–24
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Metabolic engineering and in vitro biosynthesis of natural and non-natural analogues of plant metabolites, M. Mora-Pale, S. P. Sanchez-Rodriguez, R. J. Linhatrdt, J. S. Dordick, M. A. G. Koffas, Plant Science, 210, 10–24, 2013.
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