Low dimensional tools for the study of turbulence with applications to wind energy

Newman, Andrew
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Drew, Donald A. (Donald Allen), 1945-
Castillo, Luciano
Schwendeman, Donald W.
Kapila, Ashwani K.
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Having discovered this, the technique to expand the Reynolds shear stress was used to interrogate the scale but not details of the motions which supplied much of the mean kinetic energy to the array by vertical entrainment. Doing so showed the relatively few modes contributed to 75% of the total entrainment and that these modes had characteristic wavelengths larger than D, the rotor diameter. Furthermore, it was shown that two types of modes exist: idiosyncratic and asymptotic. The idiosyncratic modes were those which had large wavelengths, made significant contributions to the vertical entrainment of mean kinetic energy and whose wavelengths did not follow a prescribed decay. Alternatively, the asymptotic modes were those which had small characteristic wavelengths, made little contribution to the vertical entrainment and whose wavelength followed a decay of n-1/2 where n is mode number. Comparing the results with those from a boundary layer without turbines and those from smaller domains where not only the size but the details of the characteristic motions could be investigated revealed that low order modes with large characteristic wavelengths are associated with large scale coherent motions in the velocity field, thus revealing the importance of such large scale structures in the energy transfer process in the wind turbine boundary layer.
December 2013
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